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Through scholarships, mentoring and resources, RISING students receive support that extends beyond the classroom so they have the opportunity to grow not only as students but as human beings. The result is a positive impact in even deeper ways that are hard to quantify. Here are 3 of the less visible—but infinitely valuable—ways RISING is impacting students' lives:

  • DIGNITY: Watching other kids put on freshly pressed uniforms and head off to school makes those left behind feel discouraged and ashamed. But when these same young people put on their new uniform for the first time and return to school, they are reminded they have value—human dignity—and something to offer to the world around them.
  • HOPE: Poverty does so much more than rob people of material things. It also causes a deep sense of discouragement that can lead to despair. However, when young people have the opportunity to pursue an education, they begin to believe there is hope for their future.
  • TRANSFORMATION: RISING is a community of dedicated students, mentors, staff, and donors committed to serving their families, neighborhoods, and countries. Through interaction with this community, we believe young people will grow to understand their infinite value, unique purpose, and the deep joy that comes from allowing God's loving presence to transform their hearts and minds.

RISING Partners

We're able to allocate such a high percentage of donated funds directly toward the local program because of the contributions of our RISING Partners. Donations from this group of generous supporters provide the means to develop a strong monthly donor network, allowing us to accept new students into the program each and every month.


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